Prayer For Money, Abundance and Financial Success

Prayers are a very powerful way of communicating with the Lord. There are always times that we need help to get out of our financial crisis. Or we may need to break the chains of debt and poverty. Our God, is truly a God of abundance. He really wants to bless us in all our comings and goings. So, don’t be very anxious or even fretful. Ask the Lord to help you with direction and guidance. Listen to the still little voice in your heart. And allow God to work through your difficult decisions and tasks in life.

We need to make God the focus of everything we do in life by including Him in the simplest tasks and events in our lives. And then we can see the manifestation of God’s power!

A Prayer for money and financial blessing

I praise You, Oh Mighty Lord, I always bless Your Holy Name. Thank You God for providing all my needs on a daily basis, according to what you see fit. You never ever fail me, even in my difficult times, when my finances are low and worry sets my mind. Please, Lord help me to be at peace, and confident in Your blessed assurance that You will always supply all my needs, out of your generous rich abundance.


Praying for relief from debt and financial stress

My Lord, I have made financial mistakes. My debts are really out of control. But Lord, I know that you can open a way where there really seems to be no way.
I pray to you for a financial breakthrough in my life! To grow my finances and bestow on me the correct wisdom to manage all Your blessings righteously. Please open my eyes today to the right job opportunities and good profitable business ventures.
May I be good messenger of all that You provide me. Please God, help me to not depend on money but only to depend on You. Please do not let money destroy my relationships through any matter Amen.

A Prayer for financial wisdom

I pray that my greed for money would not entrap my heart but will only hunger and thirst after You and Your righteousness. Please Help me to remember that as I am blessed by you, I know I should bless others as well. Please remind me to lend a helping hand to all those who are less fortunate. Please God, declare my financial breakthrough today!! Amen.

Prayer for Money: Does God Answer?

Almost all people in today’s world prefer to have a better lifestyle. In other words, you must be dreaming about driving a flashy car, shopping with your loved ones in the largest malls in Dubai & Paris and living in a perfect home that looks like a mansion. However, most people have found it hard to make those dreams come true due to financial constraints. In fact, you would need to be the owner of a large amount of money in order to make those dreams come true. The cost of living is skyrocketing, and some people even find it difficult to cover their day to day expenses. That’s why it is important for them to pay special attention to a prayer for money.

It is known that a lot of people say a prayer for money. Unfortunately, most of them have not received any positive results. They say that God has yet to answer their questions. Some of them wonder whether the Almighty is ignoring them. Before answering these questions, I’ll tell you a small story. A man’s house got flooded, and he decided to get onto the top of the roof and pray to God to rescue him. After a short while, three rescue boats came and offered him help. However, he refused getting into any of these boats. Then a helicopter came, but he refused to get into it as well. Unfortunately, he died because of the flood and went to heaven. While in heaven, this man met God and asked why he was not provided with any help. The God replied that the man was provided with three rescue boats and even a helicopter, but he didn’t get into any. But the man had been expecting the God to come in person to rescue him. As you can see, there is a significant difference between the expectations of the man and what was provided by the Almighty.

The same fact can be applied to any prayer as well. If you feel like the God is not answering your money prayers, you are mistaken. The Almighty has already answered your prayer for money, but you are not taking advantage of the provided opportunities. Therefore, you need to open your eyes and look for the opportunities that can be found around you.
You are gifted by God with the energy to work and with a sound mind. Why don’t you use them in order to look for a way that can generate money? You need to keep in mind that there is a significant difference between what you need and what you want. Therefore, you need to manage your finances, stick to budgets and maintain financial discipline in order to get rich and achieve all your dreams.

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Prayer for Money

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