A Prayer for Strength PART I-The Power of Prayer

Sometimes false beliefs and myths can bar us from communicating with God. Sometimes, the best thing to start with, is a prayer for strength to even move forward, to keep the faith. These myths, like feeling that your prayers are not going anywhere beyond the walls of your house, or doubting why you should pray to a God who already knows your needs, can manage to dissuade us from praying.

We find ourselves wondering, does it make sense speaking to an invisible being? I can neither see him nor feel him. I have never even heard him say a word, so why should I believe in his existence? In one way or the other this idea sound preposterous, having to bow down for minutes or even hours and speak to someone who can’t give you an immediate response or talk to you and assure you that he has heard your needs. Another delusion that has filled our minds is the fact that if God already knows our needs, why must we pray then, how come he can’t just give them to us when we need them? We end up believing that prayers would never change God’s mind.

At other times we despair and pray to God for our sick relatives and friends to get quick recovery, but they end up dying. We feel sad and disappointed. When we become barren, we go down and pray. Years come and go without getting children. That is when we reach a point and decide never to pray again. Lastly is the issue of reciting standardized prayers. It feels not right to communicate with God yet you don’t have the power to decide what to tell him or when to do it.

Let us now tackle each of these hindrances that prevent us from having a free communication with God.

  1. When you feel like your prayers are going nowhere.

You’ve got to believe in the power of prayers. Consider the following scenarios, when you are late for work and the parking lot looks full, when you are about to do an exam and you feel unprepared or even when a close relative is sick in hospital. Often what you do is just have faith and pray that something happens.

Also take a moment and picture that moment when you have something good to tell a friend over the phone. It can be a story for example, you speak to them for almost half an hour before they can say something. All along you were there, speaking and speaking believing that they were keenly listening to you. The fact that the friend was not interrupting or even coughing didn’t make you think he or she had stopped listening to you. What does this show us?

It is not the lack of physical presence that demoralizes us from constantly communicating with God. The failure to let ourselves get attached to God is what drives us away from his presence. Part II continued on next post.

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