The Power of Prayer: A Prayer for Strength PART II

If the president of a great nation like the United States of America told you that he will give you thirty minutes of his time tomorrow morning over the phone, what would you do? He informs you that at 6.30 am tomorrow, it will be time for you to tell him all you need, your wants and ask him any question that you want. I am sure you would not oversleep in such a day. So then, if you can’t waste a chance to converse with the president of the US, why waste so many chances with the master of the whole world?

God is so magnanimous that he gives away his cell phone number for free and keeps it active all the time. He is always there waiting for you to give Him a call. Therefore, when you pray, know that you are having an intimate meeting with the above all God, creator of heaven and earth.

  1. God already knows our needs so why ask for them?

In Genesis 2:5, the Bible says that “No tree of the land had grown nor had any shrub or grass sprouted for man was not there to till the land.” If you compare this verse to the one in Genesis 1:12, about God’s creation on the third day, it will sound illogical. The verse says that,

“And the earth brought forth grass…trees and fruit…” It sounds unreal because if there was so much grass and fruits on the third day, where did they go only three days later?

According to Rashi, a commentator on the 11th century, God had held the grass and fruits he created on the third day underground until man was created. Rashi also interprets that God wanted man to ask before He could bring forth the trees and fruits. This is a concept worth meditating on. God always gave Adam and Eve fruits, trees and vegetables in abundance but He would also allow them to experience lack so that they could keep asking from Him again and again.

In short, God loves having relationships with us. When you turn to Him, you become His friend and everything you ask shall always be given. Back to the Bible. After Adam and Eve sinned, both they and the snake were punished. For the serpent God said, “You are the most cursed of all creatures… “On your belly you shall crawl and your food will be dust of the earth. (Genesis 3:14)

In a way this does not sound like a bad idea. Someone curses you and chases you away but ensures that your food will always be readily available. It is like saying, “Take some of this money but get out of here.” You are being chased away but with lots of things to use in the future. But we both know that was not case. In another story,

A great Rabbi, Noah Weinberg, once gave a story about a family whose son had gone for college far away from home back in the days before the Internet or cell phones were discovered. The boy, Steve, stayed for a very long time before he could communicate with his parents. His parents, being the parents they were, got worried and scared that their son had gone for long without even sending a snail mail.

However, Steve’s grandfather tried out something that eventually made the boy send a letter home. He wrote Steve a letter requesting him to say all about his college life, including the courses he studied and his social life. In the letter Steve’s grandfather sent, he indicated a note saying,” Attached is a $100 check that you can use for your needs, yours loving, grandpa.” However, Steve’s grandfather did not enclose the check which left Steve with no other choice but to reply the letter hoping that the next letter from grandpa would have the check enclosed.

Think about it.

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