People Praying For Others

People Praying For Others

Does Praying For Others Work?

Sometimes people are concerned whether they are taking some kind of a short cut if they ask someone else to make a prayer for them or if they are praying for others. Whether its a prayer for health, a prayer for help or even a prayer for a friend. Actually the question itself shows a great sense of respect for what prayer is all about, its a personal exercise in self-reflection. Prayers in Israel not only helps you compose the prayer that is most fit to your situation, but we also email it to you and encourage you to pray with your prayer messenger – everyday of his or her 40-day pilgrimage to the Western Wall for you! This also helps you to remain focused, positive and remember to also pray for yourself! We also recommend to take upon yourself good deeds in conjunction with the 40 days of prayer. Which we we also recommend to you. This is a very powerful way to open up channels of blessings for you, the person who should ultimately benefit from the prayer experience. We are actually adding strength to your prayers, not replacing them!

A righteous person, was once asked why a person should come to them for blessings, a prayer for help or a prayer for a friend that needs it? If God gives suffering to a person in order to have them turn to him and become better people, then why should someone ask a righteous person to help them remove the suffering? Wouldn’t that be against the whole point of suffering and personal growth?

The righteous person replied with that, just like God will sometimes send messengers to deliver suffering to someone, He will also send messengers to take away the suffering. There aren’t any coincidences in life. That particular pain was sent for some reason by God and will be taken away at the right time by God. The messenger is just the vehicle. Praying for others is a great merit.

Since we are not God and cannot play God, we cannot offer any guarantees. However, with prayers in the right place and from the heart, commitment and good intentions we will do our best! Sign up for a prayer request