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a prayer request for marrage

Shortly after I met Daren, I Submitted a prayer request that I should meet my soul mate. About month later we got engaged and then a month after that got were married. The prayers really work, Thank you again

Gaiyle , Texas

A Prayer for Innocence

a prayer request for innocence

I went to court because they falsely accused of an extremely serious crime. I was terified of what seemed to me that I would be going to jail. After my first 40 day prayer request, my court date was post-poned. After the 2nd 40 day prayer request, my next court date was again post-poned. Then when a final date was set, I had an agent pray 40 days for me again. A few days before I was suppose to go before a very tough judge, the person that accused me happen to give a full confession. The charges were then dropped. This was truly a miracle prayer and I am very thankfull to your prayer agents and also to God.

Nino, California

Breaking out

Klara Prayer online request

Please tell my prayer agent that I got over the fear of being around other people. My prayers have been answered! Not only that, I also become a new person. I am able to socialize and even began looking for a new job. Thank you!

Klara, Utah

Prayer for my Husband

prayer request for my husband

After you completed the 40-day prayers for income for my husband. I am happy to say that my husband got a job before his severance totally ran out. Thank God that he was only unemployed for one week. At Least I know I am not alone in my prayers. Thank you so much.

Beth, Virginia

New Baby Boy

Baby boy from prayer request

With great thanks to God, we welcome the new member to our family, a firstborn son. Thank you so much for praying for us at the western wall. It was well worth it.

Ellen, Chicago

We thank God

Prayer request testimonial

We thank God that our daughter is making good progress since the we started the prayer request. She is now able to make some eye contact and in some ways relate to people in a way that is not typical for children with autism. Its still a long Journey but your prayers have greatly helped us find the path to recovery.

Elinor, New Jersey

The Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer

The power of this prayer is amazing! Things were getting better already by the 3rd week at word.
My boss stopped picking on me. and Its been a pleasure to go to work. Thank you so much.

Stacy, Utah

Got Pregnant


We were married for about ten years and I was still waiting to get pregnant.
After I signed up for the prayer request, I am now expecting!Thanks to you!

Debi, New York

Successful Operation

Prayer request online, Prayer for family

My son was diagnosed with a cyst, So I decided to sign up for your service.
After the 28th day of prayer, They removed his cyst safely, without any problems.
We wish you lots of blessings in the work you do!

Larry, Ohio


Engaged from a prayer request

I am so thankful that I write to inform you that I got engaged!
My groom and I can’t thank you enough.
We believe that my prayers and the prayers of my agent over the
last couple of months was the key in the success of our relationship.

Rachel, Calif