About Your 40-Day Prayer: What We Do?

a prayer for strength

Your 40-Day Prayer

Prayers in Israel is a very special service that helps families and people to get answered prayers for whatever they may need when they pray to God, even for a prayer for strength. Many people around the globe are not able to fly and pray at the Western Wall, let alone do 40 days of prayer at the Wall, which is a very powerful prayer technique. This is what we do daily; we pray for people with all of our hearts. The idea is to help people help themselves, by helping them pray and having their prayers answered.

With your prayer request, we will pray for 40 days at the Western Wall for you. The spiritual technique of praying at the Wailing Wall for 40 days will increase the chances of having the prayers answered. For many generations, Jews in Jerusalem and Gentiles from all over the globe, have made this pilgrimage to the Wailing Wall to pray a prayer for strength and many more heartfelt requests. There is a holy ancient tradition of hiring a righteous person to pray in your stead since not everyone is actually able to make this pilgrimage.

We are located close to the Wailing Wall and this will enable you to have access to the 40-day special spiritual technique to have a pious individual to pray 40 days straight at the Wailing Wall on your behalf. Another reason for the 40 days is that is the number of days that Moses prayed on Mount Sinai before he was able to gain forgiveness for the Jewish people after the sin of the Golden Calf. See more 40-day references here.

It doesn’t matter what the prayer is for. If you need a prayer for protection or a prayer for strength, money, relationships etc., you can join the millions of people who have had their prayers answered through this special spiritual technique.

Powerful prayer points

Regular Prayer Request:

A pious prayer representative will go to the Western Wall  and pray on your behalf as well as others for 40 days straight. $99. (Approx. $2. per day).

Personal Prayer Request: 

A pious prayer representative will go to the Western Wall Exclusively for you and pray on your behalf only,  for 40 days straight. $350. (Approx. $8.75 a day).

Personal Exclusive Prayer Request:

In addition to the Personal prayer request, over the course of the 40 days, your prayer agent will recite the entire Book of King Solomon’s Song of Songs  at the Western Wall for you, exclusively. $699.( Approx $17. a day)

 A Prayer for strength

A prayer for strength

The prayer will be in 3 parts. It is praise, request, and thanks, as well as the psalms which we will send to you when you sign up. Your messenger or Agent (proxy) will act as your prayer agent as if you were actually standing at the Western Wall in person. Your agent will go to the actual site of the Western Wall, and not just be in eyesight of it.  We also donate a small portion of your fee to charity at the Western Wall before each day of prayer.

Today, the Western Wall Praying Services makes this ancient tradition accessible to many people of all nations worldwide.

Although prayer is usually a private and personal act, it  is also an expression of deep personal pain and need. By sharing the hardest moments with another person, it can provide a unique insight, comfort, and strength.  We are here for you to give you hope and someone to hold on to.  We are here to care, to listen, and to pray together with you.  We are also here to feel your pain and to do everything we can to help you get through your hard times with spiritual success!

Our prayers and support will help your own prayers reach the right place. Let the power of the Western Wall turn your hardships into opportunities to grow and celebrate!

Click here to request your 40-day prayer for a loved one or yourself.

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