40 Day Prayer Request Options.

Please Note: All prayer options are powerful. Each one is more power full than the other.


Prayer request at the western wall

Prayer request at the Western Wall

Regular Prayer request: (Powerful Prayer)

A pious prayer representative will go to the Western Wall  and pray on your behalf as well as others for 40 days straight. $99. (Approx. $2. per day).

Personal Prayer request: (Very Powerful Prayer)

A pious prayer representative will go to the Western Wall Exclusively for you and pray on your behalf only,  for 40 days straight. $350. (Approx. $8.75 a day). 

Personal Exclusive Prayer Request: (Extremely Powerful Prayer)

In addition to the Personal prayer request, over the course of the 40 days, your prayer agent will recite the entire Book of King Solomon’s Song of Songs  at the Western Wall for you, exclusively. $699.( Approx $17. a day)


The prayer request will be designed as a 3-part praise, request and thank you to God, together with psalm chapters, which we will email to you upon sign-up. Please also refer to “Your Work” during your 40 day prayer

For all prayer options, your prayer messenger will act as your agent. It is just as if you were standing at the Western Wall in person. They will actually go to the Western wall Wall itself and not just see it in eyesight.

  • Your prayer request will be personally designed based on your requested prayer and your personal description. We will send you an email of your prayer start date with you and your messenger
  • We will send you an email with some suggested positive practices to take upon yourself to help you get your prayers answered
  • When your prayer messenger completes his round of 40 days of prayer the first time successfully, you will receive an email confirming that your 40 days of prayer was completed.  

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