A Few Common Questions About Our Prayer Request.

Why must I pay to send a prayer to the Wailing Wall?

Praying for 40 days means that your prayer agent, will be committing to being inside of of the Old City of Jerusalem for 40 days straight. They are not allowed to go out of town, not even for the weekend. It also means that during their already hectic schedule, family, learning and other, they will remember to make the daily journey to the Wailing Wall, regardless of the circumstances like snow, heat, rain, or storms and focus on your needs. They have committed to doing this daily and they love to help people get their prayer request answered and receive new blessings.

How can I really be sure that my prayer request will be done?

Upon your request we can take a video of  your prayer agent praying for you at the Western Wall with your prayer request as proof. We also take care to choose only honest, God-fearing people. These are the people that are keenly aware that God is always watching and they will be held accountable for all of their actions, bad and good. When a person truly understands this reality, nothing in the world is really intentionally worth missing that type of commitment. Because human error can happen, our agent will take it upon themselves to start over again if they accidentally miss a day. This has happened in the past, and each time the agent began the 40 days over with no extra cost requested. Either way, you will win. If a day is missed, we will contact you and let you know when your prayer will be ending.

The Agent himself understands the he also receives blessings from heaven, by continuing to pray for another person through rain or shine. Helping other people get what they need can also draw blessings into your life.

Is it okay for someone else to pray for me?

Having someone pray for you doesn’t eliminate any of your prayer responsibility. So, you can have many people praying for you, the more the better, at any time. It won’t affect how much you should pray for yourself. The more prayer the more blessings a person receives. Whatever prayer request it is.


Which day will my prayer request start on?

Your prayer will begin between 2 and 7 days after your payment and all the details have been received. Return customers and those who have emergency situations may request that their prayers begin earlier.


Will my prayer be confidential?

Your prayer, your identity, and any circumstances that surround your prayer are 100% confidential, unless you choose it to be otherwise.


Will my Success Story be Confidential?

We understand that some situations are a bit tender, so we take the utmost care to never reveal someones identity, or their whereabouts without any prior permission. When a person would prefer to remain anonymous, we will not post a picture of them on our website, and post just a first name, so that no one will ever know their true identity. There are other circumstances when pictures, stories, and names are welcomed and are a wonderful way to openly thank God for your blessings that you have received.


Why do you suggest to read a page of  King David’s Psalms?

The psalms of King David have very special mystical powers that will open the gates on high, so that many blessings will come into your life. They are very powerful when read at the Wailing Wall, but they can also be said anywhere. Understand that blessings come through change and prayer. A person must work on himself to become a better person and pray for what he needs to receive blessings from heaven.