How To Bring Blessings and Answered Prayers.

Blessings of prayer at the western wall

Blessings of prayer at the western wall

We would ask that you match our 40 days of prayer at the Western Wall, with 40 days of prayer of your own. We will email you the exact prayer when you sign up. Not only will it increase the strength of our prayer, but it will bring you closer to God, which is ultimately the true purpose of any suffering that we have and will bring more blessings to you and your home. Most people think,  if they just get someone to pray for them everything will just change like a miracle prayer. Actually, the real miracle prayer is the prayer that’s done with self work and self change.

We also suggest that you take upon yourself a small good deed, for example; one  of the 7 Noahide Laws (the laws that were given to Noah after the flood), giving charity, respecting one’s parents or any acts of kindness. We will email  you with some suggestions, together with your exact prayer, a couple of days after signing up.

Having pictures of the person that we are praying for are helpful, especially the happy ones. Please only send digital photos to us at Sending photos through regular mail takes too long, and we would like to start your prayer as soon as we can.

We will awaken God’s blessings with a true heart felt prayer and the kindness that we do for others. With prayers and showing God that we are improving ourselves, will help us get more mercy from God. After all, who doesn’t need a blessing from God.

 May God provide you and your family with many blessings and everything that you would need. Sign up for a Prayer request Here

Prayer Options

Regular Prayer request: (Powerful Prayer)

A pious prayer representative will go to the Western Wall  and pray on your behalf as well as others for 40 days straight. $99. (Approx. $2. per day).

Personal Prayer request: (Very Powerful Prayer)

A pious prayer representative will go to the Western Wall Exclusively for you and pray on your behalf only,  for 40 days straight. $350. (Approx. $8.75 a day). 

Personal Exclusive Prayer Request: (Extremely Powerful Prayer)

In addition to the Personal prayer request, over the course of the 40 days, your prayer agent will recite the entire Book of King Solomon’s Song of Songs  at the Western Wall for you, exclusively. $699.( Approx $17. a day)