Dear Lord’s Prayers for Guidance and Help!

prayer for guidance

People think that there are circumstances that compel someone to pray and that’s the time they should only pray. One of these circumstances is when one is in need or undergoing some problems and has nowhere to turn. I vehemently disagree with her when she brings up that topic, since her arguments allude to the fact that prayer is meant only for the weak and needy. Prayer to God should be made any time and if possible every time.

Why prayers for help?

Having clarified that, I can now comfortably dwell on prayers in times of need. These prayers can safely be called prayers for help. These prayers are made in the understanding that God is our helper and will come to our rescue however dire the circumstances may be, if we diserve it. For instance, when you are broke and have no idea of how you will raise money to pay your school fees, a prayer for help is the first thing that should cross your mind.


Why make prayers for help?

As we know God is the provider of not only human beings but also of animals. Therefore, this belief is based on the fact that God’s riches are sufficient enough to fend for all to their satisfaction. It is always said that ‘silver and gold belongs to God’ since he created it, and if this is the case, why should we suffer in need? A prayer for help will come to our rescue if you truly believe in him.

For whom do you pray?

Prayers for help can be made for personal benefit or on behalf of friends. A prayer for help for a friend will show concern and care in the affairs of the friend. Religions all over the world encourage people to live like brothers and such prayers will enable us to honor that directive. Therefore, that prayer for help for a friend or some other needy person is important. The way God sees it,  if someone prays or his friend and he also needs help, he will be answered first. Just like you cared about your friends problems then God will care about your problems.

About what do you pray?

A prayer for help to God may cover all circumstances that make us seek help and are fathomable by man. These circumstances may vary depending on the immediate needs, conditions or lifestyle that a person has. For instance, for a sick person, a prayer for help will primarily ask God for healing while for a person who is trying to open up a business, a prayer for help will request God for guidance and success throughout that business. Another scenario may involve a person who has been stolen from or deprived of their property unfairly. A prayer for help will ask God to console them and provide for them for what they lost.

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