Prayer for Health

Prayer for Health

Prayer is a powerful tool to anyone who believes in it. It works in all spheres of life. Although science has done significantly a great job in terms of human health through the help of God, the power of prayer has also not been left out. In fact, many doctors have confessed that their work is always to treat, but it is only God who heals. There are instances where doctors have admitted that there is nothing more they can do to cancer victims but to their surprise the patients end up regaining their perfect health. Most of the patients attribute it as the healing from God.

God can heal us from all Diseases

As a creator of human life, God understands how your body works and therefore knows where the problem is when you are sick. When maybe you are suffering from a particular disease, all you need to pray and have enough faith that God has the power to heal you from that disease. You don’t need to go around telling everybody that you are suffering from a certain disease but doing that might just better the situation, by having them pray for you. You can also Just pray and believe that God will heal you from whatever disease you are suffering from. Even if you are in pain, don’t focus on the pain, focus on the fact that you are healed and it will not be long before you start feeling better.

Evidence that there is healing through Prayer

According to a research published in October 1999, which sought to establish the effect of prayer in people’s health, a good percentage of people were found to have healed through prayer. For instance out of 2,005 people interviewed, 75% admitted to have sought for healing through prayer. This clearly indicates that many people despite seeking for medical attention from modern hospitals, they still believe that they can be healed through prayer. Prayer for health is therefore still a reality even in our society today. Getting healed through prayers doesn’t mean you do not get medical attention. It mean that God will heal you through other means like doctors, surgery or medication etc. But know that it was God himself. The reason for this, is that we are not worthy of outright miracles, so God performs his miracles through natural looking ways. But remember it was always from God.

Prayer for health works especially when someone believes in God. This is because God is the creator and is responsible to give life and take away life. There is no disease that is above God’s healing power. Because he created the disease and the healing for it. There is no power above God’s. Your life is more worthy to him and he is always concerned about your wellbeing. The most important thing is to have faith that God can heal and give you perfect health.

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