Standing in the gap by offering a Prayer for a friend

prayer for a friend

There are many faces of friendship but whatever level of your friendship once in a while you are obliged to offer a prayer to that special person you call friend. How do you pray for your friend and how often can you do it? Sometimes you might realize that as much as you have good intentions of a Prayer for a friend, you never get the opportunity to do so. But there are great and better ways that you can still do so. Prayers in Israel have the solutions you are looking for. The old city of Jerusalem will open great doors to your friend whatever their condition.


What do you need when making a Prayer for a friend?


It is quite simple. Fill out a prayer request form and answer the required questions. And because as you might already know, you might not be able to make it to Israel you can pay some little money for the prayer team at the site to do so. Prayers vary and the good thing is that you will have somebody praying directly to God at the site for your friend for a whole 40 days. They will put the petition and or request you have filled out to God to hear your friends needs.


A lot of Prayer for a friend that have been petitioned has been answered at this Holy Site. This is because once your request has been made; a team will be delegated to attend to the request for a whole 40 days. A lot of prayers have been answered here. Some have been for barren women who were never considered to be able to give birth, others have been for healing for sickness that were considered fatal and even for jobs. The number of testimony here will amaze you.


One thing you will realise that once you make you order or details for the Prayer for a friend will be treated with privacy. You need not worry about your details being in the public. This is a holy place and people are only here to pray and not to do other businesses. If you care to check, please find the large number of people that have been to the Wailing Wall. The number are so large and continue to grow. Choose today to help ease your friend’s burden by ordering a prayer for them in their most time of need. Its says that one who prays for a friend gets answered first.

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