Praying for Other people at Jerusalem’s Sacred Wall

Praying for Others at Jerusalem’s Sacred Wall

Where many are praying for other people.

Kotel as it is referred to locally, is the Western Wall or known as the Wailing Wall in other sectors. This wall has a very interesting history. It is part of what remained of the second Jewish Temple after its destruction. The wall was first brought into the public after many years of turmoil and was finally excavated in the 19th century. A lot of prayers take place here by both Christian, Jewish faith and lots of gentiles. All nations come here for prayers and are also praying for other people. The wall is more of a synagogue where every Sabbath Jews and Gentiles meet to worship their maker.

Faithful have over the years recited prayers here. It is also filled several prayer requests addressed to God. There is a lot of Biblical history attached to this place namely:-

  • It is considered to be where the opening of the Garden of Eden is located
  • Isaac was offered as a sacrifice by his father Abraham at the same place
  • It is the place Jacob dreamt of angels ascending and descending – Genesis 28:17
  • As found in 2 Chronicles 7:1-3, the glory of the Lord filled the temple at this particular location
  • Solomon dedicated the temple to all, there was no exclusion of anyone foreigner or local. It was an open place of worship.
  • It remains a permanent future of the Jewish tradition and history alike.
  • It is the Lord’s place of worship according to Psalms 132:13 – David reminds us that the Lord has chosen Zion as his place of worship.

A lot has been written about the place of worship but one thing is for sure, a lot of people come here to worship and cry their hearts out to God. A lot of people spend considerable time crying and mourning here. It is also referred to in other sectors as the mourning wall as many people of all races, young and old, poor and rich, black and white always come here to plead with God. It is also a tourist attraction. It is also place where a number of visitors out of curiosity tend to visit and find out why it has become popular. The place is sacred and remains so until or if by any chance a temple will be rebuilt. If you want to know the wonders of the place simply visit us and you will be surprised at the number of people whose prayers have been answered here.

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