Praying with Purity Part I

Praying with purity

Meaning of Purity

When it comes to prayer, purity may be described as concentrating completely on the prayer and the supernatural being to whom the prayer is being sent. Concentration in this case implies that the prayer should come from the heart and be presented in truth without having to focus on any other thing other than what brought you there to pray. Concentration dictates what we present and how we present it as it comes from the heart and mind in a very powerful way that could make us ignore the existing state of reality encompassing us, thus stimulating more emotions and feelings within us.

Meditation for instance, depends fully on the state of mind and how it is controlled. When one focuses on a life moment while maintaining a controlled state of mind, it improves greatly the whole experience. This is exactly how praying with purity works, because it allows one to be there in mind and spirit while praying.

But what triggers concentration in prayer?

This is not a question. If you really want to shut everything else out so that you see only yourself before the supernatural person you are addressing, then you can. The power lies within you. Here are the tools that could help you:


  1. Declare it: Just say, “ I want to pray now!” then start to put yourself into a state of prayer, keeping in mind that although other issues are important to you, prayer is equally important and it needs your soul and mind for it to be effective. Try not to wander your mind on other things that might be bugging you as these may greatly interfere with this fulfilling moment you are just about to have.
  2. Avoid any negative emotions: Nothing ruins your concentration more than negative emotions. If some idea pops up in this particular moment, do not panic or get upset. Instead, whisper to yourself in your mind, “Not now! I have enough time to think about this later, but as for now, I just want to concentrate and pray.” Using this mind tricking technique makes the idea pass by.
  3. Do not ask yourself questions:  Sometimes there are phrases that we use that we seek to want to know the deeper meaning. Do not apply this during prayer time. Just pray and let your speech flow without you trying to ask yourself what some of these phrases mean to avoid interrupting with the prayer session.
  4. Note down the focus words in your prayer book: This will help you emphasize on the most important parts of the prayer that you really need heard.

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