The Blessings of Unanswered Prayers -Part I

The Blessings of Unanswered Prayers

The Blesing is in the Prayer

Prayers are a soul-filling way of connecting with the almighty.  There can be a thousand burdens in one’s head but everything gets lightened up with the thought of prayer itself. It is pretty much like you relax when you see a good doctor.  This relaxation comes into you even before you start the medication.  This is because of the faith and the communication that took place in between you and your doctor.

Prayers are a kind of healing to the soul as well.  There are millions of people who get relived from their sins and the mental burden caused thereby, just through returning to God.  They speak to god; tell him what they have done, why they have done it and how wrong they think it is…  This way their burden of sin lightens up.

Many people take prayer as a ritual but not as a healing to the troubled and hurt self… When we understand the power and purpose of prayer as healing the hurt soul or troubled body or stressed mind, then yes, we will make prayers as an inevitable part of our life.  How does this happen… This happens through experiences.

When I was initially diagnosed with an eating disorder, I had no idea how effectively I can heal my body and mind through regular prayers.  For me offering prayers was a ritual that gets done on a Saturday.  The fact that a prayer can heal the soul or body was always beyond my imagination.  It was just a routine of a Saturday. I went around all the doctors, therapists etc.  I took every suggestion seriously.  Consumed pills, followed meditation, checked in all the hospitals, tried yoga and did all possible stuff. Read a lot about the problem I got into, raised questions, read answers, met few consultants and trusted them to fix my problem.  I was doing all these without knowing that I have the key to fix my problem.  That key that everyone has and it is unique.  Our own prayers, is the key!

I could not understand the power of prayers because I never understood the prayer itself in the first place.  Those verses which were in Hebrew made me just recite them, without even knowing what I am asking for and what does my prayer mean.  Reading Hebrew was easy than understanding the core meaning of it.  As a result, I was able to read it but was not able to understand the gist of it. This probably was the reason why I never felt that my prayer has a power to heal me from within.

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