Specificity in Money Prayers

Money Prayers

It is funny how human beings seem to have one very similar habit; when things go wrong, we all turn to God. This is the one time when we all recognize the power of that Supreme Being in our lives.  This especially holds true when it comes to financial troubles. Financial troubles happen to be the second most stressful troubles in the world, next to those of heartbreak. Nothing is as stressful as having bills to pay when pockets are empty. This is one time when you will find an individual you never thought you would ever see going to church walking in for the 7am service.

The frustration comes in further when you have said your money prayers day after day but no solutions seem to be coming. You start asking yourself so many questions. You find that you get money to pay your bills but then that is it. Once you have paid the bills, you have nothing left in the pocket and you literally live from hand to mouth month after month. You never even get the chance to enjoy the money that you make; it all goes into the pocket of the government of someone else. You still do not give up and continue praying each time harder than the last but no answer seems to be coming your way.

Well, doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different outcome is broadly defined as insanity. You see, you have to be specific with your creator. When you kneel down to pray and you tell God that you want money to pay your bills, He will give you money to pay your bills. Isn’t that what you asked for? You need to go down on your knees and tell your God that you want money that will allow you to lead a comfortable life so that will help you do the right things, money that will allow you to enjoy life, money that will allow you to stop struggling with the small money problems of this world. As you say your money prayers, let God know exactly what it is that you want.

Another very important thing that so many people tend to ignore is that God is not an ATM machine. You do not just go asking all the time. You need to also learn how to take the time to thank Him for the little that He has given you and even go further and ask Him to give you the wisdom to spend that little wisely in a way that will allow you to grow.


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