Prayer For Peace: What you need to know?

prayer for peace

I bet you have found yourself in situations in which you know damn well that you are screwed. Perhaps, the landlord has locked your door and is angry with you, your best friend has become mad at you for something stupid or your wife is really angry with you. In such circumstances, a prayer for peace has come into your mind. We all need peace of mind from our daily hell we all are going through.

A Prayer for peace for who?

A prayer for peace can be made for and on behalf of various people. First, one can make the prayer for themselves. This is so when the person praying is going through trying times and wants God’s help to bring him that peace he is looking for. Secondly, a prayer for peace can be made for family and friends. In this circumstance, the subject of the prayer for peace is dependent on knowing the type and extent of condition of the person being prayed for. The more he know the harder he will pray. It is common sense that one cannot pray for a problem hard enough if they do not know how bad the problem really is. Thirdly, a prayer for peace can be made in favor of the world at large. In this case, the prayer is made generally to all people who need help and have no specific knowledge of the individuals problems. We just pray for peace for the whole world. It doesn’t matter who. The people may range from members of a village or estate to stock brokers in Manhattan.
Types of Prayers for Peace

There are several types of prayers for peace that are universally accepted. These prayers for help are primarily dependent on the subject matter of the prayer. I will discuss some of them hereunder:

1. Prayer for children. Some communities adore the ability to give birth. Therefore. If a couple cannot conceive and give birth, the society in some areas may start looking down upon them for being infertile and other grounds. What happens is the people around treat them in a lower manner and hatred starts to begin. From there on then begins a lack of peace in their life. This prayer for peace will seek God’s intervention so that a child is born. Which will also eventually lead to inner peace.

2. Prayer for inner peace. Inner peace is one very important thing to have. If you want inner peace, you must ask God, meaning to pray to God for inner peace. People without inner peace cannot function well. They also have anxiety and are irritable. This tends to have a great affect on your life and family. Which will eventually bring you down. If people would really understand the value of inner peace they would be praying for inner peace on a daily basis.

3. Prayer for mercy. This can also be a way for a prayer for peace. Praying to God for mercy, what does that mean? This mean it will be a channel to help himself gain peace with his surroundings. The moment a person has many issues in his life that he cannot handle. He automatically has a lack of peace in his life. Praying to god for mercy will ultimately gain peace in his life. How? By God having mercy on him and helping him with his problems, that will ultimately lead to peace in his life.

We all must understand one important thing. If we don’t have inner peace with ourselves we cannot make peace with others. So praying for peace is very important.
A prayer for peace is a very important tool that one should not forget. In its own time, it will be very valuable for you and for others.

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