The Blessings of Unanswered Prayers- Part II


After so much time spent thinking about the power of prayer, I finally decided to uncover what I have been reading in the name of prayer.  That moment I made this decision was the turning point for my life.  Like a street wanderer who is seeking direction, I started checking with everyone about their prayers.  The universe has so much to give, that all it needs is for you to ask. If you want it bad enough, you will receive it (if its good for you).  The same happened with me too. I received hundreds of pages of prayers written and sent by my friends and relatives.  I gathered all of them.  I realized that there is so much power in them.  Those are the prayers.  Those were the humble self-surrendering applications to god saying “we belong to you and so are our burdens”.  How relieving it is to realize that the burden you are carrying can actually be lightened.

All the prayers are answered in different ways.  How do you measure and understand that your prayers are answered. It can be measured through those blessings which are surrounding you in their calm and silent way. Those friends who always extend their shoulder for you when your burden is beyond your ability,  those family members who always stood by you no matter what you have been to them,  these are the blessings you count in life.  These are the results of prayers. In my case though I was looking for specific results such as healing my eating disorders, I had a great relief internally after I started reading the prayers of my own understanding.  This relief is so huge that the eating disorder has become small in front of it. To me, that is success. Even today, I don’t know what to ask for when I sit for a prayer.  When I am in doubt, I simply start a thanking prayer.  I realize though I have a problem, I have much more to thank for as well. THAT is the power of prayer.   So when you don’t know what to ask for, or when you don’t know if your problem will be solved, start your prayer with thanks for what you have.  It will eradicate all your questions on ability of almighty, and increase your faith.  Being able to believe / trust itself is half remedy to any problem.

Sometimes, when a prayer is not answered in the way we want it to be.  Its really a blessing. The Blessing sometimes is to see the answer without an answer. Sometimes the answer is all around us. God gives us the answer by not answering and makes us see things even clearer. Thats a blessing in its self.

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