Answered Prayers: Powerful Prayers at The Wailing Wall

Answered Prayers

Yonah’s Answered Prayers

Prayers are the most powerful and effective communication you can ever have with the almighty. While in most of the instances these prayers result in a solution, they bring in enormous strength and hope to the person praying.  But in any case, a prayer never goes unanswered.

The Wailing Wall, in Jerusalem is one of such powerful places where the prayers are offered with more dedication and willpower. This is simply because of the place that it is. This is the place where almighty had shown to the mankind as to what it is to be a right human.

We, human have many worldly desires to seek as blessing from god.  Someone prays for more money, someone seeks happiness, someone seeks a better job or someone kneels down with a requirement for better partner in life.  Be it any of these requirements, it is not possible to get them done without the most powerful consent of the almighty.

Yonah has come across a beautiful experience that can teach all of us as to how it helps being connected to god through prayers.  A prayer is not necessarily about reciting all complicated verses. It is about opening your inner self (your heart) to the almighty. It is about trusting in him and talking to him about what bothers you. It is about the unlimited faith which will keep telling you that you are a special child of almighty and god can never turn you down. It is an experience that keeps you appreciate the fact that your soul is always connected with almighty.

Yonah is someone who never believed in existence of god.  It’s just like any other human who believe in themselves, and have an enormous self confidence that human can do anything.  However, the question still remains the same that, if we are powerful by all means then why don’t we get things when we feel we need them the most? Why human are always in grief and sorrow? The answer is the existence of god.  Once you understand the existence of god, it becomes very easy for you to understand that he plans things for each of his special children.  It gives immense hope to wait till the time finally things get done.  This happens through prayers.  Yonah wanted to go for further studies in Jerusalem. But she knows she can’t afford that unless some miracle takes place. As a person who never believed in prayers and almighty, she had no understanding on how to pray.  But then she woke up one early morning and started talking to god on what she wants to do and what she needs from almighty for that. This IS prayer. A prayer is complete when you trust in the presence of god, talk to him and have faith.  Even before that evening she had two clients who made an appointment with her, with a strong will to refer her to few more clients. Within few days she could make it.

Though she was a non-believer in any religion and god, that entire she had to believe is that there is an infinite power that is beyond human reach and is enormously powerful.  The moment she realized it, it became easy for her to connect with that almighty power and start feeling His presence. She built the trust in almighty, faith in his generosity that he will never let her down.

Wailing Wall is a place where people turn their sorrows to almighty and seek his enormous help to get them out of it. They do this with a powerful faith that without almighty, it is not possible to come out of it.  Almost all the prayers are answered when the prayers are offered at Wailing Wall for continuously 40 days. There are people who come from all corners of the world to offer prayers here and lighten their burdens.  When you have immense faith in god, the moment your prayer is offered you feel your problem is half solved.

Is it possible for all to go to Jerusalem and offer prayers at Wailing Wall for 40 days continuously? Well, given the busy schedules we have, it is not easily possible. Prayer in Israel is one of those unique and very special services which delight many people who cannot make it to Jerusalem.  As part of this service, one of the team members from Prayer in Israel team will go to the Wailing Wall, and pray on behalf of the person who wants to offer the prayer.  These rigorous prayers will definitely result in the prayers being heard and answered, positively.

It is not a magic by the team or a false promise. The magic lies in the place. It’s the presence of God at Wailing Wall which makes it possible.  Prayers in Israel, is only a holy service that is making it easy for people who cannot reach Jerusalem.   You can make a 40 day prayer request here


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