The Wailing Wall’s Tumultuous History-Part I

The Wailing Wall

A look at the ancient Wailing Wall

Jerusalem is one place that has undergone a lot of ups and downs over the last few years. Christians and their Muslim brothers have fought endlessly to have a control of the city each claiming to have been its original owners. To understand more about this famous city, it is built directly on Mount Moriah. It boasts of a long time history and has had connections with some of the men of faith namely Isaac, Abraham, Jacob and one of the re-known evil kings in history Nebuchadnezzar. Biblical history tells us that Abraham was commanded by God to sacrifice his only son in this place. Jacob slept in that place and had the dream and prophecy with the ladder and the angels.
Jerusalem according to available records was built close to 3,000 years ago. It was first built as the capital of Judea. It had a very special place then as it is one place where everyone worshiped. It helped unite the people from around the world to come and pray. The temple was built by King Solomon with blessings from his father David. The temple was first destroyed in 586 BC by King Nebuchadnezzar after descending in the city with great vengeance. According to available history, for close to 70 years the place remained desolate.
This was after King Nebuchadnezzar captured all the inhabitants and took them to Babylon. After the 70 years the inhabitants made good and came back to rebuild their temple in 515 B.C. The second temple partly with its massive walls was destroyed in AD 70 when the inhabitants revolted against the Romans. Interestingly, and with no known consequence part of the western wall was not destroyed and remained standing. This was because they were not able to destroy it for some reason. Many years down the line to be precise 1,900 years later, Jerusalem was rebuilt by Emperor Hadrian (Roman) as a pagan city. It was then given a totally new name from what the others had known it. Its new name was Aelia Capitolina.
Later in 638 AD Jerusalem was conquered by Moslems in a bid to fully make it a completely Moslem territory and later built several mosques around it. It was then that the fight for Jerusalem has been going on since then. The fight has gone on for years with each party claiming ownership of the land where the temple stands. A history clearly tells us, the Christians were bundled out of the city in 1187 when the then Egyptian Moslem ruler was in power. For the next following years and to be exact about 330 years later it was dominantly under the Moslem rule.

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