The Powerful Prayers for your true Friends

prayer for a friend

In our lives, we have probably encountered a friend who has taken the bother to confide in us and tell us of the predicaments that he or she has been experiencing. In most cases they will ask you to commit them in prayers of which you will readily agree just like any other good friend. But perhaps you are oblivious of how exactly is the best way to offer a powerful prayer for a friend. The best way to offer a prayer for a friend who is going through a lot at the moment is to pray at The Wailing Wall. The Wailing Wall found in Jerusalem has by far proved to be the best prayer center for all believers from different religions across the whole world. This is the place where people flock every year to seek out divine intervention for whatever prayer item they have at hand.


Pray for your friend at The Wailing Wall

It is very clear that we would want to pray for our friends and witness them receiving the answers to their prayers. The Wailing Wall has for a long time now been known for being the place where people pray zealously for forty days and get to experience the answers for the prayers that they have prayed for. On that note, there is no other better way to offer a prayer for a friend than to commit his or her prayer requests at The Wailing Wall. By doing this you can be warranted that the life of your friend is bound to change tremendously and for the better. If it was a financial problem or even lack of a job, praying for these items at the wall and having absolute faith in God will certainly work towards ensuring that your friend receives the answers to his prayers.

Take advantage of Prayers in Israel

Prayers in Israel has extremely been phenomenal in helping those who cannot make it to The Wailing Wall. This service will assign a prayer partner to you. This person will take it upon him or herself to make the trip to the wall and pray for your request for the next 40 days regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. If you are intending to offer a prayer for a friend, you can certainly take full advantage of this service. Your friend will certainly receive the answers of these prayers because no prayer that is offered at this place goes unanswered. It is very unlikely. You can learn more about the importance of 40 days and the western wall here.

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