Five Types Of Family Prayers

Family Prayers

Connecting to God

Prayer signifies unity and closeness with God. Therefore, family prayer is very vital in the harmonious living of members of a family. A family that holds prayers together will have that bond that strongly unites them, not merely of blood, but also their religious belief and inclinations. In this paper, I discuss the forms or types of family prayers.

  1. Family prayers for meals. These prayers are made before meals are taken. In most civilizations, dining together signifies unity and friendship. When eating together therefore, a family prayer is important as it brings the members of the family together as they appreciate their togetherness. Additionally, the prayer thanks God for the provision of food for that meal and perhaps praying for those who lack so that God provides for them too.
  2. Prayers for family and friends. This family prayer is made for the benefit of all family members and friends. I say so because the intercessor prays for the members of his family in totality. He thanks God for them and asks him to protect them, fend for them and guide them in whatever they do. If there are some of the family members who are in pain, sick or sorrow, they are prayed for and thus God’s grace takes over their lives.
  3. Prayers for children. This prayer appreciated the gifts of God in children. Parents usually make this prayer. This prayer dedicates all children to God and asks God to bless, guide and protect them from the snares of the evil one. Parents too will also pray for the provision of food, school fees and other needs thus enable them comply with the legal requirements that they reasonably provide for their children.
  4. Prayers for birthday celebration. This family prayer is conducted in celebration of the birthday of one of the family members. This prayer will show that the family members are grateful to God for the family member in question and commit them to God for guidance, protection and provision. This prayer shows that the family is indebted to God for the blessing of the member who is celebrating their birthday to give them long life.
  5. Evening prayers. These are family prayers that are made at night just before people go to sleep. This prayer in most families is made when all members are present in the house or if you are alone. This prayer can show that every member is thankful for the day that every member of the family has had and for God to return their soul the next day.

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