The Weight of a Prayer

ight of a Powerful Prayer

She walked into the grocery store with her face portraying a look of defeat and she was very poorly dressed. This lady’s name was Tammy Rablin.  Tammy humbly walked towards the store owner and inquired whether he would allow her to charge a number of groceries.  She explained to him very softly that she had a very sick husband who could not work and they had seven children in the house who had to be fed.

The owner, Randy Loft, just scoffed at her and told her to get out of the store. Looking back at the needs she had left at home, she tried to plead with him; telling him that she would pay him back as soon as she could. Randy however declined on the grounds that she had not opened a charge account at the store.

Right beside the counter was a customer who happened to hear the entire conversation. The customer moved towards the two and he informed Randy that he was willing to stand good for all the groceries that Tammy would need to take.

The grocer then very reluctantly inquired from Tammy as to whether she had a grocery list. Tammy said that she did and he told her to go ahead and place the list of the weighing scale. He told her that he would give her the amount in groceries that was equivalent to the weight of her list.


A Powerful Prayer to God

Tammy shortly hesitated and bowed her head.  She then pulled out a piece of paper from her handbag and quickly wrote something on it. After that, she carefully placed the piece of paper on the weighing scale; her head was still bowed.

Both the customer’s and the grocer’s eyes were full of amazement when the scale moved down and remained there. Randy, while still staring at the scale, begrudgingly looked at the customer and said that he could not believe what he was seeing. The customer simply smiled while the grocer began to put groceries on the scale’s other side.  He continued to do so until the scale could no longer hold any more groceries. He stood there looking at the scale in utter disgust.

When he could no longer take it, he grabbed the piece of paper that Tammy had placed on the scale.  He started at it in amazement; it was a prayer not a grocery list! It was a simple prayer in which Tammy has humbly told God that she left all her needs in His hands.

In stunned silence, the grocer simply collected all the groceries that he had put on the scale and gave them to Tammy. She took them thanked him and left the store. The customer then paid the grocer a fifty dollar bill telling him that every penny was worth it.

A while later, the grocer realized that the scales were actually broken and he came to the realization that only God knows exactly how much each prayer weighs.

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