The Power of Praying at the Wall

Praying for others

The Power of Praying for Brian

This story tells of the miracle that God performed in my life on the tenth day of March in the year 2012. It goes to show the power of praying for others.

For the past fifty years of my life I had alienated myself from God and never took the time to ever acknowledge the fact that He existed.

I had always been a very serious drinker and this got even worse when I finally retired from my job. I would drink every  single day and there was no day that would pass me by with me sober. I never visited any place and I did not care about anything else in my life. I was especially careless of my own life and the lives of those around me. The only thing I wanted was that everyone let me be and allow me to continue wallowing in my addiction.

Then came the evening of 10th March, the year 2012; I was extremely drunk as usual and I was all alone. I tried to stand up from the chair I was sitting on and I fell straight into an adjacent glass coffee table. I got a really severe cut from the fall and there was profuse bleeding from my arm. At that particular moment, I felt an overwhelming feeling of peace and I immediately felt surrounded by lots of love. Miraculously enough, as I fell, the phone had also fallen close by where I could easily reach it and dial 911.

Now I cannot deny the fact that God is good! At that particular time, He came down to me and saved my life. He filled me with the power to remain sober and he also filled my hart with the joy that comes with salvation.

Later on, I came to find out that at the time of the accident my wife was in Israel and at that particular moment she had inserted into the Wailing Wall a prayer request asking God to make me sober and gave me salvation.

Since that day, my life has completely changed I am surely not the same person that I used to be before. I wake up every morning looking forward to the day ahead I eagerly await my daily devotions. I also eagerly wait for my Alcoholic Anonymous meetings and the time to sit down and relax with my family. But to top them all, I always eagerly wait for my Walk with God!

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