Prayer for Deliverance

Prayer For Deliverance

Prayer is all we have.

People have different kind of problems in life. Maybe you are suffering from constant sicknesses that you don’t even understand. Or it may be one of your family members who has an addiction to drugs or alcohol. In short, there are so many kinds of problems or situations that you want to be delivered from. You may have tried many other ways including hospitals or even witchdoctors but you have never been delivered. Well, God can deliver you from all kind of situations or diseases only if you make a prayer for deliverance to Him. There is no power or disease or any situation that is above the power of God. If you can only believe and make an honest faithful prayer to God, then be sure to be delivered from anything you are suffering from. Since God created all diseases, then He can also cure them, if he wants.

Can anyone offer a prayer for deliverance?

There are many types of prayers. Some prayers require more than the intervention of just one person. Although anyone can pray for anything, some people prefer being prayed for by other people whom they consider to have more faith than them or they are closer to God than they are. For instance a prayer that requires to deliver someone from a particular demon or demons. This sometimes may require the intervention of a special Rabbi or religious leader. If you have a situation in life that has bothered you for a long time, maybe you have even prayed for deliverance from it and nothing has changed, it is important to seek support in form of prayer as well.

When many people join hands in prayer over a certain situation, there is a high likely that there will be a breakthrough. This also a cording to the Bible where God says that the prayers of the righteous has a lot of impact. For example if your children are addicted to drugs or some family inherited disease, you can call upon friends or other people to pray with you for deliverance of the same. Prayer for deliverance is important because some aspects in your life may be as a result of your past generation. For example you may have inherited a spirit of alcoholism or cancer or anything bad from your great grandparent. The only way to cut this link is to seek total deliverance from God through prayer.

God’s Power can deliver you from anything

There is no power that is above that of God. Therefore if anyone approaches God in the right manner there is no doubt that he/she will be delivered from whatever situation they want to be delivered from. God promised that He will heal us from all our diseases and deliver us from all difficult situations, if its good for us. And since He is a faithful God, He will always be ready to fulfill His promises provided that when you go to pray you have enough faith that you will be delivered. Prayer must be done on a daily basis. Never stop praying, because sometimes God wants to see if you really want it. We need to understand that we don’t understand anything of Gods ways. Sometimes something that looks bad is really good and sometimes something that looks good is really bad. For example, How many people wanted to win the lottery, they thought it’s the best thing for them. And statistics show that more than 90% of people that win the lottery got into a worst situation than they were before. We need to know that not whatever looks good, is good and not whatever looks bad is bad. So Keep praying to God don’t lose faith and leave the rest up to him.

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