Prayer For Success

Prayer for Success

Can prayers really make us successful?

Prayer can sometimes be the most powerful thing for those who believe in it. Sometimes people ask themselves whether they can really get successful through prayer. The answer here is yes. If you sincerely go before God and ask to be successful, God will definitely grant your heart desires. It won’t come to you overnight and you have to do the effort to show that you want success that much. Just asking isn’t enough. The questions God asks is

  1. Will it good for you? Meaning will you use the money in the right way or just use it to fulfill your desires.
  2. If you will use it in the right way, how bad to you really want it? Are you willing to make the effort to achieve it?

Regarding prayer itself, the problem also is whether you doubt  God will hear your prayers or not. God always wants people who can have absolute faith in Him. If you doubt about anything you pray, it means that you don’t fully trust your God and therefore he will not be obligated to answer your prayers.

While praying for success or whatever needs you have in your heart, it is important to be specific about what you want. Although the Bible says that God knows our heart desires even before we go before Him, He wants to hear from us what we need. For instance, if it is a prayer for success mention exactly what kind of success. It can be a prayer to succeed in your business, marriage or any other aspect of your life. It is said that He is God of order and not confusion and therefore you should also be orderly when you go before Him in prayer.

Surrender Yourself

When making for instance a prayer of success, it is important that you approach God with absolute reverence. Declare that you are weak and there is nothing you can do without God. Besides, start also by first appreciating for what God has already done in your life. Do not appear selfish while praying. God commands that you love your neighbors as you love yourself. Therefore as God to bless you so that you may also be a blessing to others, that through your success others may benefit. Remember God sees your heart and He is able to tell whether you are being honest in your prayers or not. You should therefore be as honest and sincere as possible for better results.

Indeed just like the Bible puts it, there is nothing impossible before God. And it goes ahead to clarify that without faith it is also impossible to see God. This therefore means that faith is a very important element of prayer. If for example you are making a prayer for success and you don’t have enough faith that God will answer your prayer, then it is as good as not praying in the first place. The Bible says that when you pray, believe that you have received the desires of your heart and God will definitely honor that. A prayer without faith is like words without action. God is always more than willing to answer our prayers as long as we remain faithful to Him. That is why many people attribute their success in life to God.

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