A Prayer for Money at the Western Wall

A Prayer for Money

The people of Israel as well a the world, believe that the western wall is still as divine as it was in the beginning. This is demonstrated in various ways, for instance Dan Bahat in one of his books tries to show how throughout generations the people of Israel have treasured the stones. He asserts that over the years these stones have absorbed the prayers of both the forefathers of Israel and even of the current generation. He therefore suggests that whoever really wants to have a taste of divinity should visit Israel, or rather the Western Wall.

The Wailing Wall as some call it, is important to the Israelites because it arouses memories of Israel’s past glory. It reminds them of how their God,  used to dwell in the temple. It also revives the memories of how the Israelites ruled across Israel. The remnant wall of the ancient temple creates a feeling hope among the Jews of the blessings of God.

The fact that King Solomon and even king David declared that God’s presence wouldn’t just be found in temples made by human hands, has given the Jews and the general human race plenty of hope and has made them to seek his presence beyond just the western wall. Indeed, this is what God expects and he even goes ahead to promise in Jeremiah chapter 29 verses 13 that he will be found by those who look after him. This therefore creates a lot of significance to the Wailing Wall as it reminds the Israelites of the need to seek not only their historical God, but follow in his ways as well.

Prayers at the Western Wall for any reason

He is a God who just as prophesized in the Bible is gathering back all the Israelites from all the corners of the world where they had been scattered back to their cradle land. For instance prophet Jeremiah in one of his prophesies says that the same God who brought out the Israelites from bondage in Egypt and from all the parts of the world that where they would live, will bring them back to their promised land that he had promised their forefathers. In summary, the wailing or western wall as it stands is enough proof that God and his word has never and can never be separated. It also shows that he is  willing to receive those who seek after him, be it a Jew or Gentile.

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