Praying with Purity Part II

Praying with purity

Prayer and purity are two things that go hand in hand when it comes to presenting your thoughts, requests and fears to God. The strong connection prayer has to purity transforms the whole praying experience into a focused and uplifting moment. If you are seeking for your prayer to be heard and answered, you need to learn how to present it with purity by first knowing what purity is then working on enhancing your praying ability and experience.

The second aspect of purity when it comes to prayer is self-perception. If you keep working on your ability to pray each moment you open your mouth to pray, it will definitely lead to spiritual growth and character refinement that will always give you the perception that you are a prayerful person, and are good at it. And the end result, prayer will naturally flow for you just like breathing in and out.

Picture this scenario from my personal experience:

While traveling, I was forced to have to pray on my own. In a strange environment, I was having difficulty concentrating on the words. I felt little desire to pray, and lots of desire to speed up and be done with it already.

However, a little voice inside said, “It’s bad enough you have to pray on your own and away from the synagogue, and now you want to dismiss God so fast?”

Why was that?

Sometimes we pay so much attention to where we are and whether it is really right to start praying there. We worry about the people and what they will think of us once they see us doing the normal gestures we usually use in prayer. If I had paid less attention to those travelling with me and just immerse myself in the moment of prayer, it would have impacted heavily on the quality of the prayer. It all starts when you perceive yourself as a prayerful person, who is good at it.

When you are deeply immersed in the prayer, you do not really care who sees the posture and the gestures you use while praying.

To be able to pray with purity, you may just have to start by understanding the goals of prayer, understanding purity itself and constantly learning and improving the praying ability and experience.

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