The Power of Prayer: A Prayer for Wisdom

A Prayer for Wisdon

God Does know our Needs but He Desires a Relationship with us first

Provided that Steve continued to get all that he wanted, he did not have any motivation whatsoever to contact his grandparents or parents to simply shoot the breeze. However the moment there was a certain lack, the simple thought of holding that $100 in his hands once more motivated him to write a letter to his family detailing all the happenings of college and at the end he would put a P.S reminding his grandfather to enclose the check.

There is no denying that fact that God is well aware of all our needs; after all he is the one who created those needs. However, he first wants us to establish a relationship with him. He desires us to acknowledge Him, His presence and recognize the fact that He is indeed the one true source that can fulfill all our needs. It’s sometimes a prayer for wisdom that can redirect everything in our lives back onto the correct path.

It is imperative that we begin to change our perspectives. God does answer and listen to our prayers all the time. We are the ones who require listening to His answers. There are times when He gives the answer ‘No’, there are times when He gives the answer, ‘not right now’ and there are times when He simply asks you to work on one or another character trait like patience and get back to Him after a certain time period.

It is important that we take the time to evaluate whether or not what we requested from God would be beneficial to us in the long term.  In the event that it is, then chances could be that there is some other aspect of our life that still needs to be grown before He can grant the request. Please remember that God is not a vending machine. Anytime you ask something from Him, a dialogue is sparked. It is important that you learn how to recognize God’s responses, understand them and then accept them. After that you need to see how to re-evaluate your requests and choices. You then need to continue asking god with renewed connection to him, trust, awareness and understanding.

When making that prayer to God, it is imperative that you take your personal feelings and requests and use your own words to make the prayer. Failure to do this will result in the prayer being turned into a mechanical recitation of a certain script. You need to be able to establish that genuine relationship with God as you say your prayers.

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