A Sample Prayer For Surgery

Prayer for surgery

Undergoing a surgery is not something that is harmless. It means that the patient’s body will be under the care and manipulation of another person, a surgeon. Since surgeries may not always end up successful, a prayer to God for the surgery is necessary. Hereunder, I will give three reasons for a prayer surgery.

  1. For Healing.

Surgeries are carried out primarily for medical grounds. The surgery may be intended to cure a certain medical condition such as cancer growths, broken limb amongst others. A prayer for surgery to God requesting that the person be healed after the surgery is crucial since it acknowledges that though doctors do their part in healing a patient, God is the sole healer of all maladies. Furthermore, doctors may also mess up in the surgery process.

  1. For sustenance of life.

Some surgeries are carried out when the patient is unconscious and if unsuccessful, the patient may end up dying or even having other complications. In that regard, the prayer for surgery thanks God for the patient’s life and requests him to sustain him throughout the surgery and after.

A prayer for surgery will seek God’s guidance during the time when the surgery is being carried out. The prayer will ask God to guide the surgeons as they carry out the surgery and avoid reckless mistakes that might cost the patient life or occasion unnecessary pain or mistakes to the patient.



Having in mind that some people might not have the slightest clue of how to pray, I will give a short example of a prayer for surgery:

Our God, everlasting father we come before thy holy presence committing (Name of the patient) who is to undergo a surgery next week before you. Our father, we thank you for his health that far and continue to pray that you will heal him. Our God, we pray that you heal the (Name of patient) just like you healed the General in River Jordan. Our prayer is based on our faith that healing comes from non-other than you. We also thank you for the (Name of patient) life. We pray that you will protect him/her and sustain her life throughout this time. Let him out of surgery full of health and wellness of the body. Our father, we also pray for all the surgeons who are going to attend to the (Name of the patient) and ask you to bless them. Guide them as they operate on the patient. We pray trusting and believing in our God.

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