A Sample Prayer For Finances

Prayer For Finances

In this modern world that is highly capitalistic, individualistic and full of selfish people, a prayer for the provision of finances is very important. Finances are not free like the air and are therefore hard to come by. In this article, I will give three reasons why a prayer for finances is very crucial in life:

God is said to be the sole provider of human beings as well as animals and birds. A prayer for finances asks God to provide the monies or credit required to buy something we need or do a certain act. This prayer must appreciate that God owns all gold and silver and as a result the monies required will soon be found without any problem if He wills it.

  1. Wisdom and Success in investments

A prayer for Finances may include a prayer that commits all or any of the investments made. The person praying may ask God for wisdom when choosing what business project to embark on. This prayer will also seek to ask God to preserve all monies that have been invested in other businesses or ventures such that they are not wasted. This prayer is informed by the fact that some investments may not end  successful but needs God’s sanctification so that the money is not wasted.
The wisdom to invest in the correct business or stock is also from God. He also puts the right thought what to buy and what to sell. So besides a prayer for finances we also need to pray for wisdom. Wisdom to invest, wisdom to keep our money and manage our money.



‘My God, my everlasting father I come before thee with utmost humility and in repentance of my transgressions.  I thank you for everything that you have blessed me with. From my ten cents possessions to my million dollar possessions. For my health, family and children you gave me. Oh Lord, I commit myself before acknowledging that silver and gold belongs to you. My King, I have a certain need to (state what makes you need the money) and I do not have enough money. My King this money is important and if in accordance with your will, is given to me, I will be grateful. Oh Lord I also commit my investments before the (state all relevant investments) praying that you protect them from any destroyer. These days there are factors that may make my investments not yield as I expect but we rebuke such factors in your name. I pray with faith that my King you are all powerful and control everything. My Lord, I also pray for the (Name of the investment to be made) of which I have conducted a study, I ask for your wisdom to choose the correct investment.  I have prayed.’   If you choose not to give me for what I ask for what I may not understand. I will hold your answer dearly and except what you choose.

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