Healing Prayers

Healing Prayers

Every human being, whether religious or not, will need the intervention of God at some point. Such intervention is sought through healing prayers. Healing prayers usually seek the intervention of God in five aspects which I will discuss briefly.

  1. Physical healing. In this healing prayer, the person prays for healing of their body from pain, injury and sickness. This prayer is made in the belief that God is the healer and can heal one from all maladies that exist on earth.
  2. Inner healing. This healing prayer helps someone who feels their inner being has been wounded or is sick to heal and be consoled by God. It is said that the word of God heals people and with a special prayer, the inner healing is inevitable.
  3. I have not seen any religion that believes that man was born and will die a saint. This healing prayer is made to pray for the forgiveness of transgressions since every human being is prone to sin. After this prayer is made, a person can hope that his prayer has been accepted.
  4. This prayer is made to heal people from habits or patterns that are contrary to God’s command. The healing prayer is made to set the person free from such evil habits and be in line with God’s commands.

Hereunder I will give an example of a healing prayer.

“Our Father who is in heaven, we our children once again are before thy holy presence in humility and pain. Lord, some of us (or alternatively, mention the names) are in pain suffering from various illnesses (or mention the illnesses). Our God, it is our prayer that you heal them and relieve of the bodily pain. Oh Lord, some of us have their souls suffering. Perhaps there have been demonic spells cast on them or other instances. It is or prayer that you see to their conditions. Thirdly, our father we pray for the forgiveness of sins. We acknowledge that we have committed many sins and some of which are detestable before thee. We pray that you make us clean and acceptable before you. Lastly, we pray for those of us who are still bound by the retrogressive works of the satan. We pray that you will free them from those habits and help them turn to you. We also pray that you convict them so that they do not wrong you. In belief, together, we have made this healing prayer. Amen.”

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