A Prayer for Guidance: Whats Important?

a prayer for guidance

Faith and trust while praying for guidance

When people are faced with challenges beyond human understanding or are faced with the daily war of life, it’s normal for them to always turn to a higher power called God. Prayer is a way of communing with God in trying to seek help for whatever difficult situation you are faced with. Wherever you are or whatever you are going through, prayer is always such a powerful tool. As long as you have faith and trust in God, you will probably get a solution for whatever you are asking for or at least some relief. However not always in the way you wanted it or thought of it. For instance if you are praying a prayer for guidance what you need to do is communicate your request to God in your own heartfelt words and believe that your prayers have been heard. With patience, time, faith and trust you will see that God will help you in his way he feels best. Prayers can be done individually or you can ask other people to pray for you. However it must be done on a daily basis.

They say that prayers can move mountains. However, faith and trust plays a very important part in a prayer for guidance or any other prayer. There are two types of people. One prays with faith and trust and one prays without faith.  Make no mistake that both prayers are heard by God.  The only difference is your chances of being answered. Some people define faith as a substance of things hoped for. This therefore means that you have to believe in things that you have not yet seen or experienced. Faith in God is really believing that God exists and is listening to your prayers or prayer for guidance. Trust is knowing in your heart that He will come through for you and that’s a very important part of prayer. You should never feel any doubt if you actually want to get closer to God. Many people who have acted on the basis of faith and trust in God have confessed to have achieved a lot in their lives. If one is lost in life. A prayer for guidance is definitely a step in the right direction.

God listens to all prayers

Research has shown that people who are religious live stress-free lives compared to those who are non-religious. Majority of people who pray confess that after praying they received what they were asking for from God. Although sometimes it may take a little time, but eventually your prayers will be answered. The problem is some people become too impatient in the process and lose hope. If you are making a prayer for guidance, just pray, believe and trust that God will guide you. Don’t feel any speck of doubt because God is closer to the ones who trust in him. In a nutshell, God loves all people and he always wants the best for them. If you therefore offer a sincere and faithful prayer, then God will definitely help you.

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