No Matter How Silly – A Prayer for Help is Helpful

A Prayer for Help is Helpful

I never believed that God could answer even seemingly silly prayers. One evening in the last fall, our TV set went off unexpectedly. We checked and realized that the power had also gone off. After one hour, power came back but something had happened to the TV. It only showed a blank sky blue color with no sound or pictures.

Both my husband and I are senior citizens, with little knowledge or interest in modern technological devices. Actually, we received the TV set as a gift from our son Tony during summer. Tony had assured us that the TV was genuine and that any problem that it would develop could be solved using the manual. So when neither my husband nor I could solve the problem with this machine, I picked the manual and began reading it from the first page to the last. Still, I couldn’t fix the TV. My husband tried cramming all troubleshooting instructions in the TV manual, and like me, he was unable to solve the problem with the TV. We began cursing the poor machine and even shouted a couple of nasty words.

Then my husband came up with the idea of asking God for help. Also note that we had already called the cable company to ask if something was wrong on their side. They assured us that everything was fine on their side. We had even consulted with our neighbor just to check if his TV had gone hay wire like ours. So, my husband, being more faithful than I was, said the simple prayer. It didn’t last more than a minute. He only asked God to ‘heal’ the TV and within a few minutes, the blank blue TV screen was filled with hues. I was astonished that God could answer such a simple prayer, and a prayer for a minor problem that could have been solved by asking a TV repairer.


God Answers Our Prayers

As we stayed staring at the TV once again, now watching our favorite soccer team play, our minds were deeply reflecting at the miracle that had just occurred. For long, the whole idea of praying for problems to be solved by God seemed like a tail to me. I was the doubting Thomas of our house, and little did I know that God would demonstrate His power through such a thing. I immediately realized that if God could make a blank TV get back to normal, who knows what He could do in my life. If He could answer such a humble request, He can surely answer any other prayer, whether big or small.

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