The Incredible Power of Prayer

Power of Prayer

Somethings we take for granted

You never know the power of prayer until you find yourself in places where nothing but prayer works. If you have never spent time with God on a personal matter, you need to log onto https:// and see how God has answered prayers of people who never thought they would get out of their situations. My story in the real sense might seem a little off, but by the time you finish reading this story you will understand the marvelous ways that prayers work and how many people have been saved when they least expected to be saved.

It seemed like yesterday, but that was many years ago, just to have a little fun and take my children out, I decided to celebrate my second son’s birthday away from home. On the way back we got into our car and decided to change lanes to be able to move faster. Somebody might be wondering why I did that, but it was because I was on the outer lane and needed to move into the inner lane to move faster. My memory is still quite clear, and I remember that as soon as I turned to move into the next lane and if my memory fails me, it was a gray Mazda was moving into the same direction.

To be on the safe side I chose to go back to my lane but up to day I am sure, I do not really know what happened. The car jerked and spinned, at the back seat it was obvious that the children were out of control and crying hysterically. My first instinct was to calm my children. This seemed impossible because I remember clearly our car was moving to the divider. As fast as I could I remembered to pray and ask God to spare me with my children. In essence, this might have looked impossible but lest you are surprised, the car literally came to an abrupt stop in the middle of the road.

I was overwhelmed because we were right in the middle on the freeway. I looked over and saw my children and started crying reality hit me; God had given me another chance. People stopped their cars and took it upon themselves to help me. It was an incredible feeling God had saved me once again. I borrowed a phone and called my father who in his love and kindness arranged for the car to be towed. Thank you Lord once again for saving me.

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