Category: Prayers

Do you have questions about prayers? This category is for people who want to understand how to say their prayers, what makes a good prayer etc. Learn more!

Prayer is always one of the most powerful weapons that God has ever given us, and looking at 2019, I really believe that it has never been more important for people to pray from the bottom of their hearts. However, knowing how to pray is not all that easy. Many people in the past have felt the same confusion. They were familiar with the prayers of the Torah. But grate sages prayed with a kind of authority and power they had never seen before — and God was always listening! So we need to learn how to pray. We need to know and understand what works and what doesn’t work. What God wants from us and what He wants to hear from us.


Prayer for Deliverance

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Prayer For Success

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Prayer for Wisdom

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Prayer for Health

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