Prayer For Forgiveness

Prayer for Forgiveness

Prayer For Forgiveness

Prayer is a very powerful weapon to any believer. It is the only way you can communicate with your supreme being and have peace in your heart. Deciding to offer a prayer for forgiveness whether it is for you or another person is always a personal decision. It is one way of freeing yourself from guilty feelings that often make your life miserable. Sometimes you find yourself in compromising situations which maybe you did not even anticipate and in the process you are left with a lot of guilt in your mind regretting of your actions. But how can you overcome such a situation? The best way to get out of such a situation is always to say a prayer seeking for forgiveness from God. That is when your heart will experience some inner peace.

It is also important to note that forgiveness begins with you. Before you go down to ask God for forgiveness you also have to forgive anyone that might have done something wrong against you. It would sound hypocritical if you went to offer a prayer for forgiveness and yet you cannot forgive your neighbor or friend. How do you think God will look at you? You need to be sincere in your heart so that your confession can be accepted before God. Asking for forgiveness demonstrates that you are sorry for your actions and that you are ready to make things right once again. It’s not a matter of asking for forgiveness for the sake, rather a personal conviction from inside your heart.

True and genuine forgiveness brings about such a powerful feeling. It makes one to view themselves in a higher perspective and delink from their guilty past. It is a way of acknowledging our mistakes and taking responsibility for the same. Remember God is so merciful and anyone who goes before him with a sincere heart seeking for forgiveness will definitely be forgiven. Above all, learn also to forgive yourself. Sometimes we forgive others and even ask forgiveness from God but forget to forgive ourselves.

In a nutshell, you should not allow your past mistakes to hold you ransom of your happiness and confidence. It is understandable that man is to error and forgiveness is unto God. Sometimes we do things that we did not intend to do and the only way to make things right and have a clear conscious is by making a prayer for forgiveness. God is faithful enough to pardon those who genuinely come before seeking to be forgiven

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