Offering A Prayer For Forgiveness

Prayer for forgiveness

In the current world that we live in, it goes without saying that many people have gone against the will of God and done things that certainly do not make him happy. These wrong-doings could be done either knowingly or in oblivion but whatever the circumstance, the bottom line is that we have fallen short of his glory. For that reason, in a bid to reconcile with God, there is no other better way for one to do that than to offer a prayer for forgiveness. Such a prayer will always give you that surety that you have made things right with God. Perhaps you have not felt that guarantee of forgiveness from God or maybe you still feeling guilty of what you might have done. Well, the most convenient place for you to offer a prayer for forgiveness is at The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.


A powerful prayer for forgiveness

The Wailing Wall in the old city of Jerusalem is absolutely the best place to offer your prayer for forgiveness. Located near the Temple Mount, the place is bee hive of activities for many people across the world from all walks of life and settings who flock the place to seek divine intervention from the almighty. The Wailing Wall provides a conducive atmosphere for one to pray and cry their hearts out to God with the hope that their prayers will be answered.  Many people have received their miracles and all that they had interceded for when they offered their prayers at this place. You too could receive your forgiveness by praying at The Wailing Wall or whereever your at. Once you step foot at the vicinity, you feel the substantive change in the atmosphere and the holy presence of God. You can be assured that your prayer will be answered when you offer your prayer for forty days at this place. When you leave, you will feel strengthened and rejuvenated by the fact that you have received your forgiveness.

What if I can’t make it to The Wailing Wall?

Considering the fact that we live in a very vast world, many people will find it hard to travel to Jerusalem to pray at The Wailing wall. For that reason, Prayers in Israel was born. This is a service that will enable you get your prayer request at The Wailing Wall and pray for it on your behalf for 40 days straight. When you request for this service, you will be paired with a prayer partner who will pray on your behalf and you can rest assured that your prayer of forgiveness will be answered.

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