Family And Prayer

prayer for family

In all religions, prayer is very vital. Prayer establishes and cements deeper relations with God. It also brings you closer to God. In that regard, it is prudent for every person to pray for their family for God’s protection and favor. A prayer for the family can also bring family members together especially when such prayer is conducted in unison. This prayer will also help a great deal to enable the children to understand to pray when they hear their parents and older siblings pray.

When do you conduct family prayers?

Family prayers can be conducted anytime of the day. The time that is chosen depends on the tradition and availability of the family members. In some areas, prayers for family will be conducted in the morning, during lunch breaks or before bed time.

  1. Morning prayer. This prayer for the family will be conducted in the morning particularly before every member of the family commences their day. The prayer could be held very early in the morning perhaps at dusk or at about eight or nine a.m. This prayer thanks God for protection of every family during the night and commits the whole day to God for guidance.
  1. Lunch time prayers. This prayer for the family can hardly be coordinated where the family members have different places of work or children attend school in areas far from home.
  1. Bedtime prayers. This prayer for family is held at night just before going to bed. The family members usually gather together and pray in harmony before retiring to bed. This prayer normally thanks God for the blessing of a gracious day, protection and guidance throughout the ending day, provision of all material needs and committing the night for protection throughout the night. This prayer is the most common since most members if not all will be available.
  1. Emergency Prayers. Prayers for the family can be held on a need be basis. This is most common where something that requires urgent attention has arisen, for instance, a child passing her eight grade exams and qualifying for college or a family member graduating from school or a family member falling seek amongst others. When making this prayer all family members need not be present as only members present will suffice.

In this paper, I have talked about collective prayers for the family. One can have individual family prayers where they pray for their family. Individual prayer is very crucial and should be made on a daily basis.

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