Powerful Healing Prayers at Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall

Powerful prayers

Understanding the Power of prayer in this place

Just like many people you must be wondering how a Wall can be so significant when it come to prayers.  Can you not just pray anywhere and God will surely hear.  Wait till you hear my experience then you will be able to curve out an answer.  In 2013, like all the rest I felt like visiting the Wall to be able to have a closer attachment with God at this historical site. It was great and God’s presence could be felt the minute you make a step at the wall’s environ.  The walls presence is beyond what ordinary mind can behold.

It also happened that when I got to the wall the Feast of Tabernacles holiday was on.They also call it Sukkot.The crowd was incredibly large.This is the only place where both Jews, Christians and other people can worship peacefully and with much ease. Both pray for the restoration of peace in the Middle East and the world. The Jews also pray for their brothers and sisters who because of circumstances beyond their human control are spread virtually to all the four corners of the world.  There are no religious barriers at the Wailing Wall.  My experience brought me closer to God and in touch with an historic site.

As I mingled with other worshippers, I realised that the Gentiles here which were fewer in number, mingled freely with the Jewish brothers and sisters. As I joined in the worship, a total stranger walked up to me and inquired if by any chance I had what he referred to as a lulav.  I never really understood what it meant but he further explained to me that it was traditional prayer tool that the other worshippers were using.  In love and kindness he gave me one and showed me how to effectively use it and join the other worshippers as they waved theirs around.

I did not have to look far to know that the presence of God was here, an act of kindness to show me how to worship God in a totally different place.  Such act of kindness blew me away.  My visit here was more than I expected, it gave me the chance to truly understand the presence of God amongst worshippers and His love in this place where people have looked to with reference over the years.  It also brought to my mind God’s promise in 1 Kings 9:13.  You can find out more about the Wailing Wall and the importance of powerful prayers at https://www.prayersinisrael.com/western-wall-history/


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